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IIS Smooth Streaming Talk from Microsoft PDC 09

I gave this talk at Microsoft PDC 09 but it is still very relevant so I thought I should share this with the readers of this blog.

Video: Windows 7 - Touch

Windows 7 is coming out better and better everyday. I am excited. If you like this video, I would suggest you read Windwos 7 blog here.

Video: Microsoft Office Labs - Future Montage

Here is a Microsoft vision for the future of computing. This is super cool. I am both hoping and excited to be a part of it.

Video: What is Microsoft doing for search

An interview by Robert Scoble from with Live Search GM Brad Goldberg.

Starting a blog? 5 tools you must know about

image Are you planning to start a blog? If you aren't you should be, in today's world you should have a blog, you absolutely can't ignore the enormity of the World Wide Web.

Steve Ballmer talks to MVPs and discusses hot topics like Yahoo

image Microsoft had a MVP summit last few and I was lucky enough to meet a few as well where I talked about the new IIS Media Pack.

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