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Starting a blog? 5 tools you must know about

image Are you planning to start a blog? If you aren't you should be, in today's world you should have a blog, you absolutely can't ignore the enormity of the World Wide Web.

'Buzz Targeting' from YouTube

image In a previous post I talked about how YouTube and Adsense alliance is working out.

Analysis: YouTube through AdSense

This may be old news for most of you, but I discovered this today. I was just playing with my Adsense account to add some more advertising content to my site and voila! I see YouTube in my Adsense account. Adsense now allows me to show some syndicated videos with ads in them. I had read about YouTube was now showing Ads but seeing is believing.


Google now allows you to buy trademarks as keywords

Yesterday, I was reading an article in Financial Times. Google is now allowing anyone to buy trademarks are ad keywords.

So now, I could very easily show my ad against a competitor's search. E.g., Nissan motors could now bid for keyword Toyota and show their Ads when one searches for Toyota. This means if I have to save my keyword, I need to pay more.

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