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Building your first Smooth Streaming Player using SSME

In this post I plan to cover building a very basic Smooth Streaming Player using Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) part of Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit. In other words, building a “Hello World” equivalent for Smooth Streaming Client (“Hello Smooth Streaming”). This post is split into two parts. In the first part, I will be covering how to get basic playback working in a browser window for Smooth Streaming content. This should be really easy as you will see. In the second part, we would add some basic playback controls like Play, Pause, Stop and Volume controls.

IIS Advanced Logging 1.0 Released

We proudly announce the release of IIS Advanced Logging 1.0. 


IIS Advanced Logging 1.0 includes the following features:

  • Client-side logging. Advanced Logging builds capabilities into IIS to accept client-side consumption metrics.

Streaming, is this the answer to Piracy?

As a part of my routine reading exercise, I came across a recent blog post by one of my favorite personalities online – Fred Wilson.

In his blog post Fred discusses how streaming is getting the better of piracy.

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