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FarmVille: Enhancements and new Monetization Ideas

imageI must admit that I have spent a lot of time on my online farm growing grapes and coffee. I have also grown many a vegetables and even grown flowers. The best part is I have made a boat load money doing this, more than I have made in real life. In case you are not following me, I am talking about FarmVille, a Facebook game by Zynga. Recently I find my interest in this game fading and this has gotten me thinking. What could Zynga do to keep me engaged and also monetize FarmVille while doing the same?

Streaming, is this the answer to Piracy?

As a part of my routine reading exercise, I came across a recent blog post by one of my favorite personalities online – Fred Wilson.

In his blog post Fred discusses how streaming is getting the better of piracy.

Vishal Sood

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