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Adding images to Drupal 6.x blog with Windows Live Writer

I posted yesterday about using Windows Live writer with Drupal. I was able to make that work but then I did struggle getting images to show up. I won over the struggle eventually and the blog post has images now. I did a lot of search but did not get a convincing answer anywhere so thought of this post.

For anyone else that has difficulty figuring out what to do, here are the steps:

Using Windows Live Writer with Drupal

I just finished configuring Windows Live Writer for this blog. As I write this post, the thought going through my mind is why did I not use it so far. I am becoming a fan (if you may say that) of Scott Hanselman and I was reading his blog and thought of giving it a try and viola here we are. If you don't use Windows Live Writer so far don't take my word for it, try it!

Twitter enters my life

Today, I created an account on twitter. This enables me to quickly pen down what I am upto at any moment.

I am a man of less words to this is a great concept for me.

I usually am petty active in the social networking space but was a little late to catch this flavor of it. These days, I get an invite for a new social site almost every week. I usually don't pay attention to those but I liked twitter, it is a different concept.

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