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Starting a blog? 5 tools you must know about

image Are you planning to start a blog? If you aren't you should be, in today's world you should have a blog, you absolutely can't ignore the enormity of the World Wide Web.

OpenID - Do you support it?

image I am happy to say that my blog supports OpenID. So, in case you are wondering what do I mean by that, let me explain. Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

'Buzz Targeting' from YouTube

image In a previous post I talked about how YouTube and Adsense alliance is working out.

Friendfeed: Could have, should have

image Here goes another leaf of my book of thoughts on building a Web2.0 site myself. I was wondering how come no one has done a web-site where I could just keep track of my all the web services my friends use in a single place (read feed).

Analysis: YouTube through AdSense

This may be old news for most of you, but I discovered this today. I was just playing with my Adsense account to add some more advertising content to my site www.vishalsood.com and voila! I see YouTube in my Adsense account. Adsense now allows me to show some syndicated videos with ads in them. I had read about YouTube was now showing Ads but seeing is believing.


womenZweb.com - that is where it all started


The Story

It is almost two years now, four of us were sitting in a room and just as anyone else from our generation, we were thinking how we could make our million.

"Internet is to Human interactions as Pringles is to potatoes"

image Great, little video on social networking - "Internet is to Human interactions as Pringles is to potatoes", "Twitter is like Pringles".

What is happening inside twitter?

image Twitter lets me tell what is happening in my life. Is there a twitter page that tells me what is happening inside twitter?

Adding images to Drupal 6.x blog with Windows Live Writer

I posted yesterday about using Windows Live writer with Drupal. I was able to make that work but then I did struggle getting images to show up. I won over the struggle eventually and the blog post has images now. I did a lot of search but did not get a convincing answer anywhere so thought of this post.

For anyone else that has difficulty figuring out what to do, here are the steps:

Using Windows Live Writer with Drupal

I just finished configuring Windows Live Writer for this blog. As I write this post, the thought going through my mind is why did I not use it so far. I am becoming a fan (if you may say that) of Scott Hanselman and I was reading his blog and thought of giving it a try and viola here we are. If you don't use Windows Live Writer so far don't take my word for it, try it!

Steve Ballmer talks to MVPs and discusses hot topics like Yahoo

image Microsoft had a MVP summit last few and I was lucky enough to meet a few as well where I talked about the new IIS Media Pack.

Google now allows you to buy trademarks as keywords

Yesterday, I was reading an article in Financial Times. Google is now allowing anyone to buy trademarks are ad keywords.

So now, I could very easily show my ad against a competitor's search. E.g., Nissan motors could now bid for keyword Toyota and show their Ads when one searches for Toyota. This means if I have to save my keyword, I need to pay more.

Twitter enters my life

Today, I created an account on twitter. This enables me to quickly pen down what I am upto at any moment.

I am a man of less words to this is a great concept for me.

I usually am petty active in the social networking space but was a little late to catch this flavor of it. These days, I get an invite for a new social site almost every week. I usually don't pay attention to those but I liked twitter, it is a different concept.

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