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IIS Advanced Logging Beta is now Live

We proudly announce the Beta of IIS Advanced Logging.  With Advanced Logging you will be able to capture rich details in your logs and process them in real-time.

Video: Microsoft Office Labs - Future Montage

Here is a Microsoft vision for the future of computing. This is super cool. I am both hoping and excited to be a part of it.

Drupal - Facebook Connect Module

NOTE: A newer version of this module is available here.


This module enables users on your site to use their Facebook account and participate as registered users. This is intended for Drupal 6.x sites only. The best way to know more is to install this and try it out.

Video: Mapple Store

I could not resist re-posting this. This video is hillarious. I still love my IPhone however.

Google won't let me search now.... I am a computer virus

Today, I was trying to search for twitter desktop clients and I entered the query "twitter desktop clients" in the search bar in IE 7. It was a nasty early morning surprise to see that I am forbidden (HTTP 403). Check out the image below.

The world of Syndication: Atom 1.0 vs. RSS 2.0?

Newspaper_Feed_64x64 Syndication has become and inseparable part of the internet. There are two major syndication formats that exist today – RSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom 1.0 (Atom Syndication Format).

The world of Syndication: Atom 1.0 vs. RSS 2.0?

Syndication Syndication has become and inseparable part of the internet. There are two major syndication formats that exist today – RSS 2.0 (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom 1.0 (Atom Syndication Format). While they achieve the same end result, there are differences. This post attempts to enable you to decide which is more suited to your publishing.

Allegis Captial: Bob Ackermen Interview

This is a great interview by Robert Scoble where Bob Ackerman, founder Allegis Capital talks about what it takes to be successful when presenting to a VC. A must see for anyone heading this way.

Web Playlists SMIL conversion tool

With the RC version of Web Playlists, we moved from a custom XML format to a SMIL-based format for storing playlists. As a result of this change the old isx format has been retired. However, Brian Blum (a dev) in our team crafted a tool to help convert the old files.

Web Playlists Release Candidate (RC) Released

I am pleased to announce that the Web Playlists Release Candidate (RC) release is ready for you to download and deploy.

This release supports upgrade from the previous Go Live release. (Note: It is recommended that if you have a release earlier than Go Live, you should uninstall the old build and then use the downloads below to do a fresh installation.)

You can get the RC downloads here:

Video: Twitter acquires Summize

Michael Arrington of TechCrunh talks to Evan Williams of Twitter. This is interesting read about Twitter acquisition of Summize.

Windows Live Favorites: Have you heard of it?

image A while back, I was trying to find an online service where I could save my favorites (or bookmarks). I could not find any one convincing enough.

Video: Digg Recommendation Engine

Kevin Rose talks about the new recommendation Engine at Digg. Filtering data is an interesting problem and very relevant given so many data aggregation services today. This is a step from Digg in that direction

Video: What is Microsoft doing for search

An interview by Robert Scoble from Scobleizer.tv with Live Search GM Brad Goldberg.

Video: Jack Dorsey presenting Twitter

Nice presentation by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. I would highly reccomend watching it.

Lifeblob.com: Navigate your interactions with web (Invites)

image  Lifeblob is a great new concept that I have been tracking for a while now.

Streaming live from your Mobile Phone

image Yesterday I blogged about how Applebee's was using videos, continuing the topic, today it's about streaming live v

Applebee's: Tapping the potential of Video

image  I have recently started noticing Applebee's advertising about the new video feature on their site, have you? I continue to be positive on the role of media in our lives.

Web 2.0 Building Block 1 - REST: Who does not need that?

 Rest_Area I promised myself to stay on top of latest technologies as they shape the web.

Reach out to Web 2.0

image I have been observing the Web 2.0 world and I am amazed at how powerful it is.

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