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By vishalsood - Posted on 11 April 2008

Hello World!

I am a techie at heart and totally excited about Web 2.0 (as some people refer it). I spend almost all of my free time keeping in touch with technology and working on a few sites I run and manage: womenZweb, VAM Industries and ofcourse the one you are currently reading

By education I am a computer science major and I am glad I made that choice. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else today.

I started my career with Lucent Technologies and can state with pride that I was involvde with first 3G 1xEVDO implementation in US. I worked as a developer then.

After three years with Lucent I moved on to take a test role at Microsoft India, and worked up the chain to lead a team of 12 engineers. After spending about 4 years in this role I moved to Microsoft US and am currently working as Senior Program Manager on the IIS Media Services platform team. More specifically, I am working on on Smooth Streaming and we are helping to redefine media delivery on internet. Check out for a little more on what we are upto. If you recently enjoyed watching Sunday Night Football online with complete DVR controls and multiple camera angles, you know what I am talking about.

I live with my lovely wife Pratiksha in Bothell, WA. We just bought a home which we love. I know some of you might think I am crazy to buy a home in today's market but its worth it.

Please do leave comments on this site if you like / don't like something and I will be happy to hear from you through comments or through any other medium -email/facebook/twitter.

Thanks for reading this far!


Vishal Sood

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