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Smooth Streaming Plugin for Flash

We announced a release of a final version of Smooth Streaming Plugin for Open Source Media Framework (OSMF). Please read Cenk's blog post for details. Here is a quick blurb from Cenk's post: We are pleased to announce that Windows Azure Media Services...(read more)

Shipped: Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 1 Refresh for Windows 8 Release Preview

I hope you have already seen the blog post from our team announcing the Smooth Streaming release to accompany Windows 8 Release Preview here . As Cenk blogs, we are very excited about this release and hope you all will build compelling rich media experiences...(read more)

Roku releases support for Smooth Streaming

At NAB 2012 in April, we announced an initial list of partners that licensed Smooth Streaming Client Porting Kit (link). Today, Roku announced that the support for Smooth Streaming is publicly available for Roku 2, Roku LT and Roku HD devices with version Roku software version 4.7. This update will be pushed to these devices in next 48 hours. You can get more details on their blog.

Writing a simple Metro app for Windows 8 that consumes Smooth Streaming

Cenk on the media team blogged about how to create a simple Metro app using standard video element that can consume Smooth Streaming content.

IIS Smooth Streaming encoding for Windows Phone 7

We recently announced the release of IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.1 for Windows Phone 7 (link). Shortly after, Microsoft also announced release of client’s companion Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) 2.2 (link). SMF utilizes the client and offers easier app development for Windows Phone 7 through rich controls. I would not get into this more at this point of time. You can always find more documentation on that online.

NAB Show 2010 – it was fabulous

logo_NABJPEG_BW I just came back from Las Vegas yesterday after attending the

Composite Manifest Support for Rough Cut Editing scenarios in SSME

We released the Beta 2 for the IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit (SSPDK) that contains the SmoothStreamingMediaElement (SSME) interface. With this release we added a fun new feature. We refer to this as Composite Manifest Support for Rough Cut Editing. The idea is simple:

  • I have many clips but want to create a composite clip taking relevant portions from these clips.

  • I have a large clip from an NBA game, I want to create a highlight for this game.

Now, let’s expand this simple idea.

IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit Beta 2 released

Today, we are very both excited and pleased to announce and release a Beta 2 of IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit (SSPDK) 1.0. With this release are adding support for Fast Forward/Rewind and Rough Cut Editing scenarios in addition to other features. Please see details below.

SSPDK is intended to aid the development of rich Smooth Streaming players and experiences.

Building your first Smooth Streaming Player using SSME

In this post I plan to cover building a very basic Smooth Streaming Player using Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) part of Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit. In other words, building a “Hello World” equivalent for Smooth Streaming Client (“Hello Smooth Streaming”). This post is split into two parts. In the first part, I will be covering how to get basic playback working in a browser window for Smooth Streaming content. This should be really easy as you will see. In the second part, we would add some basic playback controls like Play, Pause, Stop and Volume controls.

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